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DJ Gregory - House Masters DJ Gregory - House Masters.
DJ GREGORY verkörpert die moderne House Music wie fast niemand anderes - deshalb kommt von ihm die aktuelle HOUSE MASTERS!!!

House Master is a title which many may claim but few can justify. House Masters is the DJ friendly compilation series now in its tenth addition. It showcases the work of the world’s most talented house music producers who through their musical achievements have earned the right to be entitled a true ‘House Master’. Previous collections have presented the works of Kenny Dope, Louie Vega, Dennis Ferrer, Sandy Rivera, Bob Sinclar, Julien Jabre, ATFC, David Penn, Copyright and now DJ Gregory.

This is a series that brings both the artists own productions and all their most prominent remixes together in one collection – unmixed. This series is aimed squarely at the DJ by design, with some tracks being made available digitally for the first time and all presented at full length. This is a perfect tool for any DJ and a valuable addition to your music collection.

Here we present one of the most charismatic, committed and visually arresting DJs on the planet, DJ Gregory’s talent as a DJ is only matched – and arguably surpassed – by his renown as a producer. From his early pioneering work as part of the Africanism project to founding his own seminal Faya Combo imprint and the countless collaborations and projects on either side of these landmark achievements, Gregory’s tribally influenced, dancefloor-minded beats are without equal in the house world. Never before has the term ‘House Master’ been more justly awarded.

It’s been a good year this guy, that is a fact. Take it from us, he is a super-cool character and a must see DJ, tirelessly looking for new sounds and beats he travels the world in search of inspiration.

It is this urge that has been particularly evident of late, returning as he did from a trip to Brazil and Angola and literally bursting with new ideas from working with the local artists. Listen to his new tracks outlined in this album and you can instantly hear how much he was deeply influenced by their sound.

It’s not like he has burst onto the scene, in fact it is quite the opposite. He has been a prolific DJ since the late 90's where he began his production career, but it was a special project undertaken by fellow Parisian DJ Bob Sinclar that put him on the map. It was the now legendary Africanism project that was to have such influence on his production and little did he know that the Afro House sound he cultivated here would become his signature style.

It was a little later at the turn of the century that he founded his beloved label Faya Combo (which literally means 'on fire'). On this label he released two of his early signature productions "Tropical Soundclash" (2002) and "Elle" (2003). Later in 2004 Gregory was awarded "most innovative producer" at the House Music Awards.

Since then he has worked and collaborated with a number a respected and well known artists including fellow Parisian Julien Jabre and now the new Dutch stars Grego Salto and Sidney Sampson.

Recently Gregory relocated to Amsterdam, and is now exploring the Dutch club scene and collaborates with Holland’s finest producers.

With this Housemaster series it is very easy to see how Gregory has progressed as an artist with his earlier Afro House sound developing into the energetic, innovative and polished sound he has now. Particular inspiration has come from the electronic music named 'Kuduro', a kind of hip-hop, house and percussion hybrid that has become synonymous with the youth of Angola's many slums.

Here in this album you will find tracks like 'Dama s Salon' full of this flavour. The vocal was recorded in Luanda (Angola), on a Kuduro tip with house beat, later vamped with Sidney Samson in Amsterdam. Also 'Vem Rebolar' again this was also recorded in Luanda and finished with Gregor in Amsterdam. Finally check out his most recent and instantly recognisable track 'Paris Launda' with its new signature melody and beats really displaying Gregory’s development, simply unmissable.

Oh and how can we forget 'Canoa' conversely this is all about Brazil Brazil, Brazil, simple and warm and designed to remind people of sunny days.

Alongside Gregory’s new works there are also classics such as ‘S2’ and ‘The Jouburg Theme’. On CD 2 there is a collection of those who have been given the hefty task of re-interpreting Gregory’s trademark beats and remixing his talents. Highlights here include: Kenny Dopes ‘Tropical Soundclash’ remix, Louie Vega’s EOL rework of ‘Elle’ and Karizma’s ‘Dont Panic’ dub.

Overall DJ Gregory is unique in his sound within house and an expert and passionate producer. Any of these tracks and remixes would work well in any DJ set.

FORMAT ONE: 2 Unmixed CDs

Herausgebedatum: 10. Dezember 2010
Label: Defected
Katalognummer: HOMAS10CD

Label: Defected
Die CDs können direkt auf der Site [] oder auf der Site [] bestellen werden.
Die CDs können direkt auf der Site [] oder aud der Site [].

Diesen Eintrag wurde am 08.12.2010 durch sven publiziert.

Das Tracklitsing :

CD1 Productions
01. DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto featuring The Serafim Crew 'Paris Luanda' (Main Mix)
02. DJ Gregory 'Hypnose'
03. DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto 'Canoa'
04. DJ Gregory 'Sookoos'
05. DJ Gregory 'The Joburg Theme' (Original)
06. DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto featuring Dama Pancha & DJ Mankila 'Vem Rebola' (Main Acid Mix)
07. DJ Gregory & Nikolai Dimitrov featuring Dama s 'Batucada'
08. DJ Gregory 'S2' (Original)
09. DJ Gregory 'Soldiers'
10. DJ Gregory & Sidney Samson featuring Dama s 'Dama s Salon' (Main Mix)

CD2 Remixed
01. DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto 'Canoa' (DJ Chus & David Herrero Balearica Mix)
02. DJ Gregory 'Tropical Soundclash' (K-Dope Remix)
03. DJ Gregory 'Elle' (Eol Ritual)
04. DJ Gregory 'And' (Rancido's Deep Journey Dub)
05. DJ Gregory & Sidney Samson featuring Dama s 'Dama s Salon' (Loopers Remix)
06. DJ Gregory 'Attend 1' (Yass Remix)
07. DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto 'Con Alegria' (Sherry Flavour Arabic Bellydance Remix)
08. DJ Gregory 'Breeze' (Scandalo Mix)
09. DJ Gregory 'Don't Panic' (Gregory and Karizma Dub)
10. DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto featuring The Serafim Crew 'Paris Luanda' (Franky Rizardo Remix).

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