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Moonbeam - Around the World Moonbeam - Around the World.
Some might say the severe winter climate in Russia is demanding warm melodic compositions. Others might say that during a period of economical recession, trance based music works like the perfect remedy. But one fact is a given: Russia has a history of providing for excellent electronic dance artists. For over half a decade, brothers Pavel and Vitaly Khavleev a.k.a. Moonbeam can count themselves amongst the biggest music exponents in the history of the Russian dance. The much anticipated release of Moonbeams brand new album Around the World is destined to contribute to that much earner status even more.

After just being involved in the game for a relatively short period of time, the Moonbeam discography looks impressive. Over fifty releases – and an equivalent in remixes – were produced and spun all over the planet by likes of Above & Beayond, Tiësto, Armin van Büüren, Cosmic Gate, Judge Jules, Markus Schultz, Matt Darey, Paul van Dyk, Ferry Corsten and many others. Moonbeam’s unparalleled style weaves different influences fetched from a diverse series of genres. To archive Moonbeam under the T of Trance would limit this duo in a musical sense; Moonbeam productions range from deep minimal, refined progressive, delicate trance to big room atmospheric techno, sometimes even complimented with Balearic influences.

Currently being signed to multiple award winning company Black Hole Recordings, Moonbeam delivers a high quality twelves track album raising the bar for future trance based electronic music. The Russian brothers are gifted producers and it shows during this twelve track journey through Moonbeam’s musical landscape. Deep and moody instrumental productions are paralleled with soaring vocal based tracks, all with one common factor: a silky, melodic touch of delicacy in Moonbeam’s compositions, constantly avoiding the obvious, making Around the World the perfect album suitable for both chilling as well as clubbing. Soothing vocal support is added by a selection of fine vocalists such as Daniel Mimra, Avis Vox, Ali.Bi and Blackfeel Wite.

With the release of their Around the World album, the future looks bright for the Russian brothers. A string of new releases and remixes are lined up for release, the expansion of their weekly radio shows Moonbeam Music and Moon Magic and a filling gig schedule gaining them enough air miles to last a life time, makes Moonbeam destined to rock your senses for many years to come.

Herausgebedatum: 12. März 2010
Label: Black Hole
Katalognummer: CD65

Label: Black Hole Recordings
Die CDs können direkt auf der Site [] oder auf der Site [] bestellen werden.
Die CDs können direkt auf der Site [] oder aud der Site [].

Diesen Eintrag wurde am 11.05.2010 durch sven publiziert.

Das Tracklitsing :

1. life tree feat. j-soul 5:30
2. song for a girl feat. blackfeel wite 6:54
3. through a fog 6:17
4. look around feat. daniel mimra 6:50
5. breathless 5:37
6. evelyn feat. 5:27
7. save the world feat. mars needs lovers 6:42
8. elephant ride feat. akshai feat. avis ^vox 5:44
9. closer to me 5:20
10. lilt feat. avis vox 6:37
11. forever sun 5:01
12. falling stars 5:20.

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