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Mr. Sam - Pop Model Mr. Sam - Pop Model.
French electronic music artists extraordinaire Mr. Sam (Samuel Paquet) refuses to let himself be directed into one particular musical direction, as already proved by his extensive discography. His worldly known Opus compilations series – Opus Tertio was his most recent offering – can be described as his DJ trademark as what one may expect when Mr. Sam is on the decks, but what’s the story with Mr. Sam “Le Créateur”? The answer is hidden in the release of fantastic new artist album Pop Model.

Mr. Sam approached the process of creating the individual album tracks with the utmost care, constantly experimenting, reinventing, shaping and molding his sound to perfection. Sam likes to compare this process with the working habits of a fashion couturier, always in search of new inspirations, fabrics and materials, operating as a producer who sets the trends without following the current musical paths. During the creation of Pop Model, Sam took somewhat of risk by producing it in such a diverse manner but taking risks is Sam’s game which he mastered to perfection.

So why the name “Pop Model” for an artist album? According to Mr. Sam, the title is a word play on “Top Model” (Sam likes his women fancy) but at the same time, on “Model of Pop”, a more suitable description for the French mastermind characterizing his affection for pop music. Since day and age, Mr. Sam likes to flirt with poppy sounds in his productions which reflects his childhood influences, listening to and absorbing synth pop music by his role models Depeche Mode while growing up in the eighties. As Mr. Sam explains: “Music doesn’t change, it evolves. The pop music of today is mostly dance oriented, the biggest stars devote themselves to it. That’s why I speak of a “new model of pop music”. It’s on this idea that I have based all the work in my new album”.

No less than 21 tracks are to be found on Pop Model with a versatility rarely to be found on artist albums nowadays, incorporating classical pieces, ethnic influences, rocking electro, old school based productions, techno, vocal trance, chill out tracks and yes… pop music. Each individual song shows Sam’s passion for a wide range of music and may very well be labeled as true masterpieces. Sam was fortunate to work with some of the finest artists: Scottish craftman Andy Duguid co-produced with Sam on numerous occasions and added his grungy electro flavors, vocalists Amanda Wilson, Tiff Lacey, Kirsty Hawkshaw and Esmaye provided the album with their abilities, American visionary producer BT joined Sam in producing The Great Opus, and even eighties icon Pat Benatar has her part in Pop Model by allowing Sam to use an excerpt of her chart single Invincible, to be released as Mr. Sam’s brand new single accompanied with a stunning video.

Next to Sam’s feshly produced songs, one of his biggest hits to date Cygnes – a collaboration with ClAud9 and already considered a trance classic – features on Pop Model and Sam’s respect for old school house emerges in tracks like Ing Ong (using Quadrophonia – Quadrophonia), Dominator (based on the Human Resources classic) and Anasthasia (containing elements of T99’s immortal early nineties single). Sam’s remix treatment for Deadmou5’s gem Clockwork puts the icing on the cake and closes off the album as a bonus track. All and all an impressive hall of fame of artists, complementing the Pop Model album as a whole.

Herausgebedatum: 16. April 2010
Label: Black Hole
Katalognummer: CD62

Label: Black Hole Recordings
Die CDs können direkt auf der Site [] oder auf der Site [] bestellen werden.
Die CDs können direkt auf der Site [] oder aud der Site [].

Diesen Eintrag wurde am 11.05.2010 durch sven publiziert.

Das Tracklitsing :

1. ave eva 1:29
2. invincible feat. andy duguid & pat benatar (mr sam remix) 3:26
3. just the beginning feat. disco international 3:23
4. ing ong 2:48
5. gotta have it feat. esmaye 2:55
6. gone feat. andy duguid / jennie löfgren 3:22
7. satisfaction guaranteed feat. andy duguid & amanda wilson 3:25
8. great opus feat. bt 3:56
9. seven 7 seven 3:20
10. carved feat. t4l & tiff lacey 3:40
11. cygnes feat. claud9 4:39
12. hold my breath feat. andy duguid & solarstone 4:24
13. rydem koba feat. t4l 3:31
14. mixi 3:44
15. tantra 3:31
16. menkayo feat. t4l 3:44
17. dominator feat. human resource 3:42
18. anasthasia feat. t99 3:12
19. e&e 2:21
20. one day feat. kirsty hawkshaw 3:31
21. clockwork (mr sam remix) 3:40.

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